Anyone got the Logitech DeNovo Media Desktop?


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Been reading rave reviews about this bluetooth combo, but at nearly £200, am still a bit hesitant.

Anyone bought this package, and if so, what are your thoughts?




I have this keyboard/mouse combo, and it is very nice, though whether it is worth £200 is another question . . .

Looks the business and performs very well, also at a considerable distance from the PC.


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I have one (bought last week) and is very nice. However a few downsides

1. The mouse seems to go to sleep after a minute or so of inactivity and there is a slight delay (couple of seconds) before it starts to respond

2. The rechargeable batteries in the mouse do not last long at all. Less than a day for me and only bad cos I keep forgetting to place it on the charging base

3. For the life of me I cannot get my Nokia 8910i to pair up. It keeps asking me if i want to pair and when I accept it accepts and then loses the connection. Every single time. It is for this reason that it may go back in the next day or so.

4. At non discounted prices £200 is just too much for this kit. £100 yes, £150 at a push but £200 is taking the p*ss.

All this aside very nice kit. I only wanted a very small wireless keyboard and as the one supplied with the new Sony PC was not available separately I opted for this one.

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