anyone got sky or ntl on a plasma?



anyone got a digi box or digi ntl cable connected to a plasma screen?

if so...whats your picture quality like?

do u suffer from image lag ?

whats live footy like?



I have got Sky into a Pioneer PDP433HDE via RGB scart (direct into the media box). The picture quality is variable to say the least, both between channels and between different programs on the same channel.

Only just got it, and did a bit of playing last night.

At best (e.g. life of mammals BBC1 last night) it is as good as any good video source. At worst (the Bill on ITV or even the BBC news/weather straight after life of mammals) it can look a bit like a low bandwidth MPEG video streamed off the internet(not quite that bad but same kinda 'blockeyness'). Fraid I have not tried any footy yet, but problem is worst where there is a lot of movement.

DVD (RGB on QED scart) and PS2 (composite via av amp) both give excellent pictures (LOTR is pretty near perfect to my eyes) so its not a fundamental Plamsa problem

Tried the Sky box on RGB and PAL via the Scart and PAL via composite (thru my av amp) as well as the UHF signal down the aerial. This makes no difference to the MPEG type effects allthough obviously overall image quality gets worse.

There is lots of stuff about this already on the various forums (or fora to use the correct latin - 'people called the romans they go the house....') and I am tending to agree with the opinion that the fundamental problem is the quality of the (some) Sky broadcasts and overloading of the available bandwidth etc. However I suspect that the image de-interlacing, scaling etc. that is required to display the image on Plasma excentuates the effect and displaying the results on a 43" screen really shows it up.

Previous TV was a 36" Sony wth DRC etc and I never noticed this level of 'MPEG blockyness'.

Not noticed any lag/sip sync problems.

You might want to try and get a demo using a Sky source and a sports channel with your plasma of choice to see if you are happy with it (got mine from John Lewis who will price match any supplier who has the unit in stock but you get a 5 year warranty)

Sorry if this isn't a definative answer, and if anyone else has any info on how to improve the Sky picture please let us all know!


ive tried using a dvb card in my pc, and receiving for example sky news, and the quality of this from my pc is astounding to say the least.yeah when using rgb scart for the ntl box and viewing the same channels, its pretty poor!

Going to get a decent dvb card for the pc that supports cams and free to air and go down that route.

Walter mitty

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I`ve got a Sony Sky digi box connected to my Panny Projector through a Pro v, all I can say is, it`s stunning, very near as good if not ...as HTPC. and I use both.

I don`t know if I`ve been lucky but others on here dont seem to be having pictures quite as good.

All I can say that everyone who sees my picture is amazed at how clear it is. I have absolutely no complaints atall infact all I have is praise.

Sorry don`t know much about Plasma other than they are expensive, but I would imagine this set up would make an improvement for you.

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