Anyone got Lightwave smart series? Please test this...


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Hi all,

Can anyone with a lightwave smart series (the gen 2 dimmers) multi gang dimmer please run a test for me?

First some background. Lightwave dimmers work without a neutral wire and leave the circuit dimmed at _almost_ 0 when off and use the tiny current running through the circuit to power themselves. Because it’s almost 0 the dimmable bulbs appear off.

The smart dimmers work the same except when there are multiple gangs (more than 1 set of switches on the plate). In this configuration only one of the switches needs to be connected to a dimmer circuit (gang 1?) and this will power all gangs for you. What this means is the remaining switches can be used as remote switches etc by pairing in the app even when not connected to anything physically.

So on to the tests:

1) Is it gang one that needs to be on the dimmer or any gang? Can you put a dimmable circuit onto the first gang, leave the second and any other gangs empty and see if the second switch works and shows in the app as available? It should.

Now repeat by connecting the second gang to the dimmable circuit, and leaving the first empty - does switch 1 show?

Conclusion - we will find out if the circuit on gang 1 provides the power or if any gang can

2) Connect gang 1 to a dimmable circuit, and gang 2 to a non dimmable circuit like a LED strip light or conventional bulb, or override like fan or floodlight overide. Is the strip light on even when the switch is off?

conculsion: if power is available through gang 1 does the switch still dim gang 2 to almost 0 when off, or does it actually turn it off since it no longer needs the tiny current.

3) what is the maximum you can set the minimum dim level to? What I mean is the dimmer will usually dim from 0 to 100. You can set the bottom level to say 10% in the app. What’s the maximum you can set this to? Can you set it to 100% for example to make an on/off switch effectively?

4) when changing the minimum dim level (see 3 above) does the soft start still start from 0, or does it jump to the minimum and then soft start to the current dim level? In other words if you could set the minimum/max dim level to 100% does it effectively remove soft start?

I know it’s a long shot that someone might actually do all these tests for me but it’s worth a try!

what I’m trying to see is if we could add a dimmer circuit to gang 1, set min/max to 100 on gang 2 and use it as an on/off for a non dimmable circuit.


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1) on a 4 gang dimmer, the 4th circuit does not have switched live connected. It’s available in the app and is used as an on/off control for lamps on a different system.

Without the neutral connected and 1st switched live not used, the whole dimmer is dead, ie all 4 gangs.

Unfortunately I cannot do the other tests. In the app I can slide minimum calibration to 99, but I haven’t tried saving it and don’t have a circuit that likes the settings that high.


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Thanks for the reply.

so on your 4 gang dimmer you’re using the 4th gang to control a relay somewhere else?

so at least I know that works. Just need to wire one unused gang to aUn dimmable circuit and set minimum dim to 99 and see what happens to soft start and see if the circuitis on at all even when switch set to off.

Btw if you set your minimum to 0 or say 30% or whatever two extreme values you could support, does soft start still start at 0? Or does it start at the minimum value?


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Real tough that one. Most LED drivers don't instantly react, even on a light switch there's a few 10ths of a second delay, so I don't really notice any soft start effect anywhere! :(

Oh hang on! I have a 3x GU10 circuit that I normally configure to 23-80. I've just configured it as 70-80. If I switch from 0-100%, I do notice that the lights sort of come on at almost full brightness, then turn off and they pretty much instantly just turn off. Set back to 23-80, there's definitely a bit of warming up between enough juice igniting them and the time it gets to 100%, but soft off is very noticeable. So there you go, the soft start/off appears to only function within the calibrated region. Cool!

And whilst I can't try the effects (as mentioned before, the lamps really don't like it), I can save a calibration of 99-100. But yes, a little bit of energy will trickle from switched live to neutral on the other side of the appliance.

Hope this helps.


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Ok that sounds promising except for the little trickle :/

I just discovered there are neutrals in most of my sockets, but strangely you still need a relay with lightwave :/

Now I know I have neutrals I may have to look at other switches instead. Any recommendations? I don’t like the look of the Lutron sand I think they still run off battery.


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I just got 2x2 gang smart switches and the hub to do some testing. The relay is on back order still.

am I missing something or is manual calibration, Max/min dim levels and all that stuff not controllable from the app?! I can’t find the settings anywhere.

mum using the lightwave link plus app. The other app seems to be for connect series.


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Never mind I found a video explaining it. Talk about counter intuitive!

the good news is with the neutral wire connected the idea works. Set min dim to 96, max to100 and it’s able to switch on/off LED strip lights.
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