Anyone got free instalation?


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I am a current Telewest customer and looking at geting the TVdrive, but don't really want to pay the instalation charge....has anyone managed to 'blag' free instalation?



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Elitom said:
Should be able to, see this link, this implies you should get free install

I go my TVDrive installed last month for free and I have Telewest phone and BY BB



It states " If you do not wish to keep your existing set top box in another room for an additional charge - then a £75 installation charge applies for the TV Drive box "


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i rang up to get tv drive installation about a week ago, and as soon as the guy mentioned the £75 installation charge i immediately went cold on the deal (purposely of course :D ) and said that this charge really made me sour especially as we have the top package + 10mbit broadband.

straight away he put me on hold to "talk to his supervisor" and came back and said no problem to waiving the install fee.

you can only ask ;)


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I phoned today, I changed my broadband from 10mb to 4mb and got 3months 1/2 price. I got the tvdrive being installed for free and my Supreme package for £12 a month...not bad.


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got my tv drive installed today, very impressed so far.

the quality on my 56" with SD is a massive improvement from the old box which was needed as way too much artifacting with the big screen.


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I got a free installation without technically keeping my box. I had 2 digital boxes, one in a bedroom and one in the living room. However they worked it I got it for free. I think they cancelled the box in the bedroom, then moved the living room box to the bedroom, then installed the TV drive (on their system), whilst in reality they just removed the living room digital box and replaced it with a TV drive...

I don't think I've ever actually paid an installation fee for anything.

Nivek TT

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I took the option of second box in bedroom for £5 a month so didn't pay for installation. Now the installation has gone up from £50 to £75 this option is now cheaper (12 months at £5 a month) than paying for installation, even if you never use the second box!

If you've been with them for 12 months you should get it for free. If not, just cancel and re-apply in the same phone call and get all the benefits of a new customer. Be confident in the knowledge it will be a greater overhead to Telewest to remove all your equipment only to come back a couple days later and reinstall :smashin:


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I was one of the early ones in the official launch and managed to blag free installation afterwards because i had to show the installer how to install it :rolleyes:


Yep I got free installation,
Supreme TV package.... £15.50 (£17.50)
4 Meg broadband…. £19.00 (£25.00)
TV DRIVE £10* (should be £15)

* 6 months. Phone in 6 months to get another 6 months @ £10


Told them I was sick of the image quality of SD and was going to cancel and go over the Sky-HD. It wasn't an empty threat, I was realy sick of the poor image quality and was temporaraly going to go over to Freeview then get SkyHD.
I've had it for a couple of weeks now and the quality is much better.
Only problem I've got now is we are thinking of moving between now and Feb. next year and cable is a little hit and miss around my area. So I may have to cancel if they insist on a 12 month contract :(, I'm currently on a 30 day trial.

I'm impresssed with the box and what it can do, But if your buying it for HD content I would give it a miss for now, It's very impressive but there is only so many times you can watch the same programs over and over again :D


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agreed, it's definitely not worth it just for the HD stuff.

but for general SD improvement and a pvr it's a nice upgrade from the old box.


I ordered TV Drive yesterday - phoned customer services stating I was thinking of going to Sky +, straightaway I was offered free installation. So yes, they should offer you that free, trying to get other reductions might take a bit more work.

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