Anyone got DLP in Hampshire?


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Well, a bit cheeky really, but I am in great need of seeing a DLP in action before I buy and would like to ask if any kind soul out there would like to show off their kit (oo-er).

I am ideally looking to have a demo of an X1 (or clone), Optoma H30 or similar around the £1000 area.

The reason I want to do so is to see if my wife and I are affected by the dreaded rainbows that I've heard so much about.

If any of you in Hampshire or surrounding areas have the time to spare I'll bring some beers!

Here's hoping!


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Have you tried your local SevenOaks store ? Im pretty sure most of them have the H30 in stock, and if not can certainly get a demo unit from Optoma's rep for you to have a look at.


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Many thanks Silversurfer!

Can you just let me know about your PJ's colour wheel segments and spin speed so i can get an idea of comparable quality to what i am able to afford?

If you are available next weekend I can probably drop in at some point at your convenience - do you have a beer preference? :devil:


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Regards to colour wheel the only info I can find is as follows:- auto-calibrating,6 segment,5xcolor wheel (6500k color temperature. Hope this helps.
I am TT due to health problems.
Next weekend would be fine if you wish to see the 5700 in action.
Best regards


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Thanks Silversurfer. If you could PM me details of address and times you are available we can organise when to meet up.

Your PJ sounds great (a bit more advanced than the one I am going for) but I guess if I see rainbows on yours I'll see them on anything!



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Many thanks to Silversurfer for his kind offer!

Unfortunately, I managed to see another DLP tonight (of comparable quality) and the rainbow effect was very evident right from the start.

I am jealous of those of you who do not suffer, as otherwise the image was stunningly good.


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