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Anyone got "Catch Me If You Can" a Panasonic/Toshiba Plasam?

Discussion in 'Panasonic TVs Forum' started by Jon Weaver, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. Jon Weaver

    Jon Weaver

    Aug 16, 2000
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    Born in Bristol but now in Newport, (for my sins)
    Some months ago, I wrote about a 'Streaking' problem:


    I have now had my screen swapped for a new one and am obviously aware of 'new' problems. The situation with the 'streaking' didn't seem any worse, but this weekend I borrowed "Catch Me If You Can" and saw a MAJOR example of this.

    Whether my new screen is worse than my old one, or its just the mixture of colours used in CMIYC, I don't know, so I wondered if someone who has this movie could check this out for me.

    Unfortunatly, the person who loaned me the film has lent it to someone else, so can be sure of the exact details.

    RIght at the beginning, (as part of the menus) there is a grey screen with three large white/black boxes (I think with men in each one).

    I am pretty sure that this image is all grey/white and black.

    From the right side of the RIGHT box to the edge of the screen, I had a REALLY obvious "streak"..

    Could someone take a few seconds to try this and see how bad it is on theirs.

    Looking fowards to hearing from you


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