Anyone got both?

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Has anyone got both the switch and lite, is so which do you prefer?
I am thinking of getting a switch. However, I can't decide between them.



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Main difference between the two is that the switch can be played in docked mode on your tv and also undocked so you can carry on playing on the move.

Switch lite can’t be played in docked mode so is purely a handheld console. Depends on if you want just a portable system or one that can do both and actually ‘Switch’ between modes.


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Obviously it depends how important price and TV play is to you.

I play my standard Switch 100% docked as a home console and for the most part I think it's a better experience, especially with a seperate controller since the smaller analog sticks aren't the best for certain games, like dual analog shooters. Also certain games don't look as sharp in handheld, such as Xenoblade Chronicles 2, it's not unplayable in handheld by any means, but it looks so much better on the TV. There's also a handful of games you won't be able to play (no major titles though) and your control options may be slightly limited by the lack of Joycons depanding on the game.

Obviously you'll save around £80 if you get the Lite. But as a handheld you'll probably still have to get a case (£10-20) and a maybe a decent screen protector (£5-10).

If you get the standard Switch you don't need a seperate controller but one would give you the optimal experience. The official pro controller is steep at £60 and adds to the already more expensive standard Switch, but if you can put up with a wired controller I've found the £20 Horipad to be a good budget option. It doesn't have rumble or gyro but you can use the Joycons for that if necessary. A seperate controller also reduces the wear and tear on your Joycons.

In short; if you just want to play the Switch's exclusive games as cheap as possible the Lite is probably the way to go, if you want the superior gaming experience get the standard model.

I'm not against the Lite though. I haven't bought one yet but I'll probably pick one up later in it's life cycle. If the DS and 3DS taught me anything there will almost certainly be at least one hardware revision and plenty of limited editions to come.


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I traded in my original Switch for the Switch Lite, I much prefer the Lite, it feels a lot more solid, is a better size and shape for handheld play and the buttons feel better. IMO it’s also a bit faster on the menu’s and the games store.

Yeah I really like the Switch Lite, I think it’s a fantastic design and I got the yellow one that’s a great colour :)

With the bigger Switch you get a bigger screen but the Joycons make it feel a bit week as they wobble when attached to the console. As I ended up mostly playing it in handheld mode this is pretty noticeable.

In my opinion I DON’T think the docked Switch offers a superior gaming experience as the graphics aren’t good enough for that, rumours are claiming they will be launching a new updated 4K home console only version of the Switch. This would make a LOT more sense then as you’ll have the dedicated handheld system, and a dedicated home console system, and Nintendo now refer to it as a ‘family’ of Switch’s.

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Ive got both - loving the lite for playing on the bus to work. Just feels a lot more confortable to play on the go.

Have still got the OG Switch hooked upto the tv .

Zelda in handheld is keeping me away from the XB1 and PS4!!! Havent even bothered pre ordering new Call of Duty!
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