Anyone got any info on when the 36" Philips tube is coming?

Matthew Attoe

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Dec 8, 2001
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Just wondered if there was any up-to-date news regarding the philips 36" tube!


According to LG/Philips the Cybertube HD 36" will be introduced 2002.

Earlier info says that Cybertube HD Slim 36" is to be introduced Q3 2003.

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hmmm......... i called philips 2 weeks ago.

they couldnt tell me when their own tube will be used instead of the panny crt. All they would say, was that both the Panny and the philips tubes are made in the same factory and when you sit a panny tube and a philips tube next to each other you cant tell the difference. he claimed
if you speak to some of the advertisers in what video& tv,a few will are saying that they are holding stock of the '9607' with a philips tube.
i'm told that most of the stock entering the country(even in the last few weeks) is with the philips tube.
as for the two tubes being the same.......thats crap!!!!!!!!
That's good to hear - the philips tube is now arriving...

Do you mind me asking who told you this, ie was it an official Philips statement, or from a friend/shop.


How can you tell which tube you have??

My 9607 was delivered on Saturday from stock recieved by John Lewis only a few days before.

I am currently experiencing a few problems which have not been seen by 9607 owners and am wondering if the fault could have be caused because I have a different tube than others.

How would you know and how can you tell???
Here comes news from LG Philips!

LG.Philips Displays launches new cost effective, high resolution color picture tubes at CES 2003 in Las Vegas

Ann Arbor, Mi., January 09, 2003

LG.Philips Displays introduces a new generation of Cybertube+ High Definition, Slim, and Wide Screen Real Flat CRTs (cathode ray tubes) that provide TV set manufacturers with fast and cost efficient design-in benefits, without sacrificing high-level picture performance.

The new Real Flat 21”, with the Raster Correction Free feature, is believed to be the first real flat CRT of its kind produced with a low cost Akoca Mask. This allows set makers to eliminate costly raster correction circuitry from their chassis designs.

The 36” Wide Screen Real Flat High Definition CRT utilizes LG.Philips Displays newest high frequency rectangular deflection unit, and a high resolution electron gun to dramatically increase the number of TV scanning lines.
This results in a screen resolution that offers the highest number of visible pixels ever displayed by a television tube, meeting the standards of High Definition, and creating pictures that are lifelike and as vivid as real images.

In addition to the 21” RF/RCF and the 36” Wide Screen Real Flat tubes, LG. Philips Displays will introduce at this year’s show, their new Cybertube+SLIM product line.

This revolutionary technology offers dramatic reductions in TV set depth. The 21” Real Flat Slim offers tube set makers the ability to produce slim stand alone TV sets and TV - combination units.

The larger 32” WSRF slim tube allows TV set makers to design more compact and stylish televisions, addressing the growing concern of many consumers on where to place the larger, heavier, TV sets in their homes

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