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Anyone got an experience of In-Wall speakers??

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by montyc, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. montyc


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    I am considering either in walls by B&W or Sonance just for my rears. Has anyone else tried it and what are the considerations for installation. I am planning to buy a Pioneer AX5 or 3 as my amp so driving shouldn't be a problem.
    I was considering 603 S3's as my fronts. Any suggestions welcome.
  2. drago.d

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    Apr 25, 2003
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    Kings Langley, Herts
    I did an install using Sonance .5's all round, with a REL 201e sub. The amp was a Denon A11sr, the DVD player a Pio 737, the display a Panny W4 plasma.

    The Sonances (THX Select) were very well engineered, and surprisingly heavy. The rears were particularly effective, I thought. They use a single mid-bass, but with two tweeters, which are angled forwards and back. They struck a nice balance between diffuse and localised sound. From memory the fronts have a pivoting tweeter, to aid 'toeing in' for better imaging.

    Everyone who saw/heard the system in action was really impressed.

    The walls in which speakers are going to be installed ideally need to be fairly solid, even though you are probably going to set them as 'small' and route all bass to a sub.
    If you intend installing in the usual plasterboard interior walls we have, try and enclose the hollow area around the rear of the speakers with timber, creating an 'enclosure' of sorts. I would then stuff acoustic wadding/insulation material within the 'enclosure' to help dampen the rear output from the drivers and reduce it's audibility in the adjoining room. This also has the effect of reducing internal reflections in the enclosure, and furthermore, the wadding has the effect of making the speaker 'see' a larger enclosure volume than there really is, which is likely to help generate better mid-bass.
    If you are installing into a brick cavity-wall, these speakers are farly deep - 3.5", and we actually ended up knocking through to the cavity. I then followed the same method as above, and created an enclosure.

    Assuming you have some flexibility over speaker positioning, if you can, try out your proposed mounting locations with a spare pair of speakers. In-walls leave BIG holes behind if you move them! As a guide, try to use 1/3 or 1/5 side wall length for the rears, and 2-3 feet above ear level when seated. If using the Sonance .5 rears, or any dipole/tripole type rear, make sure the speaker posn. is directly to the side of the listening posn.


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