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Anyone got a worst room then mine for speaker placement?


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Id really like to have my av setup connected to my tv in my main room, but its impossible cos theres nowhere to put the speakers cos of the doors. So Ive got my av setup conn in my tiny computer room, hehe. Yeah its a extension that I had built cos Im in a chair..... but tooooo meny dam DOORS and DOORWAYS:mad:


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yep! that is awkward... i thought mine was awkward till i saw that.

does the door nearest the computer room open into or out of the room?

if it opened out i would probably spread your fronts right out to each corner.

i dunno... you may be better off with a soundbar for fronts...


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I think if there ever was a situation that demanded small satellite speakers, this is it.

Though one alternative might be the Q Acoustic QAV sound bar. The bar is a left/center/right speaker. The Sub is very compact, and the rear satellites are small and easy to mount.

Q ACOUSTICS QAV 5.1 SPEAKER SYSTEM - available from Superfi UK Visit http://www.superfi.co.uk/index.cfm/page/moreinfo.cfm/product_id/4007 for details

Also, available without the rear speakers. The full 5.1 system price is about £500.

As an alternative, perhaps something like this -

KEF KHT1005.2 HOME CINEMA SPEAKER SYSTEM (GLOSS BLACK) - available from Superfi UK Visit http://www.superfi.co.uk/index.cfm/page/moreinfo.cfm/product_id/3942 for details

If galls me to recommend a system like this, but they are well regarded and are compact enough for easy wall mounting, both high and low.

For a somewhat narrower sound field, the speaker could be placed extending out from the side wall on the right in the second photo, and the left speaker could be above the door. Mounted high like this, would require that the wall mounts allow you to angle the speakers down at the listener.

The narrowest sound field, which would give an effect similar to the sound bar, would be to mount the satellites above the TV as far to the left and right as the space will allow. One just to the TV side of the door, and the other just on the edge where the wall turns into the 'L' section.

The widest sound field, though still problematic, would be, again referencing the second photo, one on the partition near the entrance door, mounted up high. And, the other to the left of the bathroom door again mounted up high and pointed at the listener.

There appears to be some kind of cabinet or partition or utility space blocking part of the room to the left of the bathroom door. You would have to make sure that didn't interfere with the speaker mounted near it, but it should be workable. Can you tell us what that is to the left of the bathroom door in the second photo? Can it be moved?

It can be done, though with some compromises. But, even I'll admit, it is a difficult and limited room. Student housing by any chance?



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Just had a idea, how good are these speakers?


cos I was thinking, if I put my tv where my chair is and chair where my tv is, and get floor standing speakers for by the side of the tv, then use some of those speakers thats in the picture for the surrounds? Im guessing the drivers are at a angle? Any idea what thier called??
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