Anyone got a projector in their bedroom?


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Jul 2, 2003
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I have been thinking about setting up a projector and 5.1 speakers in my bedroom. Its quite a big room about 13' by 18'. Double bed in the the centre facing a big wide blank wall. I thought it might be nice to have a big screen there. Use it for tv and xbox, also might use it for the computer as well.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Has anyone tried this before?
i have mine in my bed room i position my main speakers at either side of my bed and have the center speaker attached to the end of my bed, i then have a pull down screen above my bed which i pull down when i switch on my projector which is now a a300, i had a a100 previously, check the link on my sig for some pics
Nice pics chic :)
Just one thing do you not have a living room? ;)
Originally posted by img
live with parents maybe?
Or maybe he only likes 1 type of flim :eek: :kisses: :devil:

(only messin)
Originally posted by LFC FAN
Or maybe he only likes 1 type of flim :eek: :kisses: :devil:

(only messin)

how did you guess:D have you tried watching porn on a 8 ft wide screen :D oh my eyes i have gone blind:smashin:

seriously though i still stay at home with my parents how else can i afford all my kit without some silly woman telling me what i can & cant spend my own money on:D or she would rather the money be spent on a new couch.

Dont thinks so:suicide:
That is a nice setup you've got there chic.

I have got a lounge and a dedicated home cinema, but my dad mainly uses them. So I thought I would set something up in my room :)

Below is a very brief diagram of whats in my room:


I was thinking about putting a 16:9 screen above the desk. Them maybe some kef eggs, rears above the draws. Then center on the desk, left speaker on draws and right speak on the other side of the desk.

What Im not sure, is if I could put the projector on top of the draws beside my bed? (The draws on the same side of my desk/not next to the sink) Or if it would be better if I could mount it above my bed?
I'm getting a projector for my bedroom too!:clap: :smashin: on one wall i have a fitted wardrobe where the bed is slotted in the middle and you have smaller cabinets hanging over the bed too. I've decided to remove the doors of the middle cabinet above the bed and put in a projector so that it projects on to the wall opposite the bed.

Have decided on a Panny ae500 at the moment, setup with a HTPC. As the walls have been newly plastered they are for now i may paint the opposite wall ice storm 6 and use that until i can get a screen.

Anyway let's wait for payday first!:rolleyes:
I have a Sanyo Z1 set up in my bedroom. I have to say that I couldn't have done it without the lens shift on the sanyo and would have to be very sure of things to get a Panny with no lens shift. have you considered the Z2?
havn't done all the mesurements yet...but take it Z2 is in the same price range?....i will look into it m8..txs:smashin:

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