Anyone got a 'Panny GT30 + DY-WL10E-K dongle + DLNA Network Hard Drive' set-up

Steve Kelly

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It might be a long shot.... but does anyone else have this set-up?

I have got a GT30, and am considering this set-up so that I can stream movies/media easily from the network hard drive.
I want to get a 2Tb'ish DLNA storage drive. Nowt fancy, Iomega or western digital would be fine (I think!...see questions below...)

This seems like the neatest, easiest, most efficient-to-run option for what I want.

Questions I have for anyone having this set-up:

- the DY-WL10E-K dongle - this fits in to USB slot 2 on GT30, right? with no fuss? (I only ask as the dongle looks fat, and there aint much room around the 2 USB slots). Does it cover the other USB slot?

- I assume the streaming is fine? for big (bluray) files avi's, etc? The TV DLNA configuration handles this perfectly well?

- is there anything I need to consider for a set-up like this? It seems pretty straight forward, so I'm hoping that it is!

Cheapest 2Tb network drive I can see is this IoMega one.



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I just got a 50" GT30 only days ago and don't have that dongle. Not sure what it's for. Mine came with N5HBZ0000055 and parts K2KYYYY00150, but i am physically plugged into my home network through cat5e cable.

In any case, I am just learning about DLNA and gave it a try by installing TVMobili for my Mac. In about 5 minutes I was streaming movies, music and images to my new GT30. I love it.

I don't know if that helps, but that was so easy. Now I am too looking for a supplemental hard drive for media to connect to my mac mini and stream. I just hope DLNA servers allow will recognize connected drives.

I wonder if there are drives that have DLNA servers built in like the Buffalo link station NAS drives have iTunes and file servers built in.

Steve Kelly

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wow, I'm just happy for a reply dude, to be honest! :)

That almost helps, but not quite, but appreciate you trying!

I know that if I plug in a wired connection from TV to router, and had my PC switched on, (i.e. similar to the set-up you're describing) that I would be able to stream files with no probs.

The devil is in the detail here, cos what I can't have, for long term/regular use is:
a) a wired connection (it requires a looong network cable, running between rooms. I do have said cable, and it's fine for one-offs, but long term I need the dongle.
b) I don't want to have to have my PC turned on all the time I want to stream files from it.

So hence, what I'm really after, is for someone else using this set-up, a wireless connection and a DLNA-compatible hard drive. And to see how the streaming is from this.
I'm sure it'll be just fine, and it's not gonna be a common set-up so doubt i'll get much/any feedback, so I'll just need to bite the bullet and try myself.

Once i do I will report back on this thread, and let y'all know how it goes.
Though I am going Chrissy shopping at the weekend, and just looked at my bank balance, so this gubbins will have to wait till the new year!

Cheers mate.
Enjoy your GT30!! it's awesome, ainnit!! :D


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Quick question:

Does your GT30 have a lot of heat in the top right corner on the back of the tv (above the inputs)? Also does yours have a light buzzing noise in that same location?

Steve Kelly

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can't say i've noticed either to be honest! the only noise I get is the expected whirring of the fans (which I dont notice/pay any attention to when the TV volume is on)

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