Anyone got a Humax Aura with their QLED?


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Hi, Just wondering if anyone on here has a Humax Aura with their Samsung QLED?

I have a Samsung Q85R and when i used it with my old Humax 5000T and used my Samsung smart remote, i would be able to go to my Humax box and pick the recordings option and it would open the saved recordings on the 5000T.

After setting up my new Humax Aura the Samsung smart remote has picked it up and works with the box in all ways apart from the saved recordings option.

I have the exact same options when i go to the Humax box with the smart remote and the recordings option is there but when i press ok it just shows me at the bottom of the screen which current programme is on the TV, no recordings show.

I have found i have to use the Humax remote to see them.

Not the biggest issue in the world but i generally don't really use the humax remote much as the smart remote pretty much done everything and wondered why it doesn't with the Humax Aura, has anyone else has experienced this too? and if so have you found a way to fix it?



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