Anyone got a diagram to connect TV/DVD etc


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Hi all (again).

Here is my setup - but behind the TV its a mess - so thought about tidying and starting the connection of everything again.

But I cant find a diagram.

1) TV (2 scarts , 4 hdmi's/and of course the red/yellow/white AV's)


3) DVD player

4) Wii

5) PS3

I really would like an idiots guide - ie

TV scart 1 to DVD

That would be really helpful

Many thanks


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2) SKY HD: hdmi 1

3) DVD player: hdmi 2 or scart 1 (depending on connection type)

4) Wii: RCA (red/white/yellow) or scart 2 (depending on connection type)

5) PS3: hdmi 3

Guessing of course sky hd would be the most used.
Otherwise move ps3 up in place of DVD etc etc


no diagram. I'm on my phone.
No need:


DVD player - via HDMI or Scart. (I would maybe remove the dvd player as your PS3 can play dvd's).

4) Wii - via the connection cable that came with it. I think its a scart adapter.

5) PS3 - via HDMI.

If your TV and everything else are on a stand I would remove all the cables that connect each device and then do each one at a time.


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Thanks very much - thats brill - if I wanted to add a Sharp Soundbar - would that just be Av out on TV to Woofer Box ?

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It all depends on the Soundbar and the TV!

Its best to work on actual kit specs rather than general assumptions.

So Make, Model and a link to Tech Spec/User manuals for your DVD, TV and proposed Soundbar would be good.


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