Anyone got a Cyrus AV setup? What do you think?


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I currently have Cyrus gear for my hifi setup and was thinking about getting the AV processor and some Smart Powers and convert it for use in an AV setup.

Anyone done this?

If so what do you think of the system?


I have all Cyrus gear , blows most Japanese stuff out of the water imho. Superb in stereo , superb in 5.1 , superb in DTS , I like it .
I have no need for fancy special effects so it suits me , be aware of the limited formats though if you want to cover all eventualities . New AV8 has DPL 2 added now so this might be more suitable. The best thing is the upgrade path , worlds your oyster.
What is your current set up ?


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not got it myself, but have heard it - if someone was to buy my denon a1se off me that would be the next route to go (or maybe arcam av8/p7 but thats a lot more!)


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Ive got the 7 amp, dAD3Q24 CD player and FM7.

Ultimately I want to ditch the integrated amp and go for an AV processor (probably the AV8) with 3 smart powers. Maybe even the DVD8 at a later stage. However at the moment it would be a little expensive as Im planning on picking up some B&W CDM NT speakers for the AV room. I will probably just go with something like the Yamaha RXV620RDS or similar until I can afford it....

The only thing which concerned me about the Cyrus setup is that they are a little slow in supporting new surround features like EX, DTS ES etc...

Quality wise I am very happy with my system and dont even want to update the CD player to the Cyrus 7. However I would hope that the DVD8 would be better as a CD transport than my existing dedicated CD player.



I have recently auditioned the DVD8 against my Dad3q24 , save your cash imho. There was a definite loss in detail.


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Clockwork, before you jump into buying an AV8, you might want to check it out in a little more detail.

The reason I say this is that this new processor would seem to offer only 5.1, so forget EX or DTS Discrete.

I was considering buying one of these but then I spotted that the main difference between this and the AV5 was the addition of PL2. :( No extra channels.

Talk about a missed opportunity....


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I 've seen a few ex-dem AV5's about for £650 ish. Why not use that as a starting point then upgrade it to AV8 later.


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Those would be at Hi-Fi Corner wouldnt they? Ive seen them there as well.....

I thought about it but £650 is a bit rich for me to spend on a temporary setup. Not to mention the fact Id need to spend over £1000 for the amps (if I wanted to stay with Cyrus). At the moment I want to save my pennies.

I can however cope with 200 notes for the Yamaha which doubles as the amp as well.....


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AOD, sorry I missed your post...

I know. This was the main reason I posted. I am a little uncomfortable with comitting to Cyrus considering they seem to be so slow in adopting new features.... Despite the fact I really like their gear.

Not sure what I will do but a cheap AV processor/amp should give me some breathing space while I see how things pan out.


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I was in a very similar situation.

I have had a cyrus 7 amp for about two years and loved it musically. It was used to drive the front speakers from a Denon AVCA10SE doing the surround duties.

The denon had all sorts of dsp effects that I never used and es/ex did not sound right in my room so I was more than happy to stick to 5.1.

Earlier this month I bought an ex dem dvd7, this replaced my existing dvd player as well as my cd player.

Then got a second hand fm7 tuner.

Last weekend I then bought an exdem av5 processor as well as 2 smartpower amps. Havent got the amps yet but should have by the end of the week.

The dvd7 will be upgraded to dvd8 next year as well as the av5 going to an av8.

My main reason for finally going all cyrus was most importantly how good their stuff sounds.

Also stylistically I love their stuff very minimalist with no unnecessary bells and whistles.

Now have to sort out a nice Hark stand to hold it all.

I did look at cheaper power amps ie Qpowers at £400 each
instead of the smartpowers £600 each but as they can grow with your system, they seem a more sensible choice.

Power amps make more sense once you approach the four figure intregated mark. When ever new formats come along you simply buy/upgrade the processor but all your existing amps dont go to waste.

I will post again once I have the whole setup running.



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I look forward to hear what you think of it as this is the route I am probably going to go.

I currently have Cyrus 7 + PSX-R + SmartPower and it sounds brilliant. I intend to add another SmartPower next year and maybe a AV5/8 shortly after in preperation for the Plasma arriving - when the come down to under £1500.

Hope you like it !!

p.s Instead of a Hark stand why not go for a Stands Unique midi tower/support - looks the business and can hold up to 8 Cyrus units.


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Has anyone had the chance to audition a Cyrus AV8 against some of the heavy duty home cinema processors from other manufacturers (e.g. Arcam, Tag McLaren, Naim, Bryston, Meridian)? Interested to know how they compare.


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I'd be interested in a Cyrus AV8 vs. Tag AVR32 vs. Arcam AV8 (amazed there's not fighting about the same name!).

The Cyrus certainly looks like a high end bargain. To me the lack of video switching, 7.1, ES and EX are of no concern. I wouldn't use them if I had them. 5.1 and DPLII is fine for me.

I should imagine that a Cyrus AV8 will blow anything from Denon/Marantz etc clean out of the water, particularly in stereo hifi terms, but also in multichannel.


John Dawson

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There are reviews of both of these products in December's What Hi-Fi?

The Arcam AV8/P7 got 5 stars and the Product of the Month Award.

As to the product names - it is not something that really affects business as long as there is no attempt to pass one product off as the other (highly unlikely I think we can all agree). But by my reckoning Arcam was there first with the AV8 name by about 9 months, in case anyone was wondering!

John Dawson (Arcam)


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Thanks John. Will see if December WHF has made it to the shops in Lisbon yet...

The Arcam AV8/P7, Tag AV32R/100x5 power and Cyrus AV8 + 3xSmartPower are three very tempting prospects. It's a shame the recent HiFi Choice review that had the Arcam, Tag and Naim products didn't/couldn't also include the Cyrus.

Nice to see the HiFi industry behaving sensibly over product names - unlike the car industry which takes things to ridiculous extremes (eg. the original Porsche 911 was meant to be called 901 but they couldn't use that name because Peugeot had already bagged and registered ALL 3 digit names with a 0 in the middle). As if anyone would confuse a Peugeot with a Porsche!!


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