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Anyone got a CHT-15 or Servo 15 in Scotland?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by dunkyboy, Feb 17, 2003.

  1. dunkyboy

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    Jun 5, 2002
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    I'm dead curious to hear how these two lauded subwoofers perform compared to my current sub (ATC Concept 2, £1100). As my C2 is only a 9" driver in a sealed box, I'm sure either 15-incher will beat it for movies, but my main concern is music, so I opted for the ATC as it sounds fantastic with music (allied with ATC Active 10s) and is no slouch with movies too.

    In April I'll have maybe £500 (or possibly a stretch to £600-ish territory) and I was just wondering if there was anybody nearby to me (Edinburgh) who had either of these subs and would be wiling to let me hear it some afternoon/weekend?

    I'd like to know if either of these subs cuts the mustard with music as well as my ATC. I'm also curious about just how much better they are with movies. Obviously a demo in someone else's house with someone else's kit won't be too indicative of how it can sound in my room but I'm dead curious just the same.

    Is there anyone out there within reasonable bus/train distance from Edinburgh (student w/o a car) who would be willing it let me come 'round and have a listen?

    The alternative, of course, is something like an HGS (12 or 15). They're so much more expensive than the abovementioned ones, but I suppose if I sold my ATC for a reasonable price (it's only a few months old) I might possibly be able to stretch to one on Power Buy... So, if anyone nearby has an HGS they could let me listen to, that would be cool too.

    Any kind souls out there able to help me?



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