Anyone got a call from Toysrus ?


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I pre-ordered my xbox360 in a Toysrus store about 2 months ago and they said they would call during october to inform me about the various packages but i haven't heard anything as yet. Just wondered if anyone had received a call from a Toysrus store in the United Kingdom yet ?


I was wondering the same thing after seeing the online deals, so i called my local Toys R Us last Thursay where i'd paid my deposit, & they said they'd not heard about news of bundle deals yet. I mentioned the bundles on the internet but was told they had no news in store. They did say however that Thursday is their day in the week when they get news of new stock/deals so to try back next week (this thursday). Hope this helps!


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Korum, did the same in toys r us. No phone call so contacted them but no record of my order and they said they have sold out of first batch! :mad: Fingers now crossed for my order but after the email from them im not too hopefull :(


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I registered with Toys R Us for information via email and got an email with the two packages. The Core pack with PGR3 (£249) and the full pack with Perfect Dark Zero and an additional wireless controller (£349). I snapped up my Full system order quickly.
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