anyone got a 2900 yet

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by chris, May 31, 2003.

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    romney marsh, kent, uk
    I'm intrested in buying a 2900, but just wondered if anyone, had got one yet, over here and what they think about it...i was in sevenoaks hifi, in maidstone last week, enquiring about a 3800 and they had none in stock...was told by the salesmen that he would have the 2900 in next week (this week now) for around the £800 mark.

    I have read a few reviews on the other forums and all the probs with them seem to be down to the disk's being used or the way people are setting them up.

    Am i going to notice a big diff in PQ with this, over my 656 running through RGB and S-VID to a 42PW23 ( TV does not aceppt progressive) or would i be better going for a 757....

    Was only going to buy this player because it matched my amp (3803) and the fact that the 3800 had got good reviews, once all the bugs where beatern.

    But seeing as the 3800 is hard to get hold of and the 2900 supports DVD-A + SACD i thought i might go for one.

    Not to bothered about it matching the amp if the PQ wont be any better than my 656.

    I will be going to Bomley tommorrow, so might get a chance to pop into severnoaks hifi there and see if they have any......maybe i might be up here giving my own review next week.

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