Anyone got 1 of these?

St. Clair

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Don't need one just yet and maybe not at all, however, does anyone produce a dual HDMI connector, i.e. one lead into two, for two recorders etc., into one TV.


You can get various things to output 2 lots of hdmi, gefen or octava prob do the best 1's and u'll be looking at paying atleast 200 quid

Anyone got the answer to my question, does that HDMI switcher look any good? from the pic it looks decent quality and with the display and audio switchers it has it seems quite good for the money

but does anyone on here have 1?

Joe Fernand

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Hello all

crofty136 - I'd want to ensure the 'Bright Blue Backlit' Display can be 'muted' or 'switched' off if its going to be in your line of sight.

As far as alternatives go have a look at the Octava HDS4A-UK with Automatic, IR and Manual Input selection - see switch 4port_toslink.htm

St.Clair - you have to be clear about what your after!

You can have a Multiple Input Switch if you have more than one source going into a single Input on your Display - see switch 4port.htm

You can have a Multiple Output Distribution Amp (Splitter) if you have a single Source to feed to two or more Displays -

You can have a unit that combines a multiple Input Switch with Two or more 'Mirrored' Outputs -

You can also combine a Switch with a Splitter to achieve more complex systems.

Best regards


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