Question Anyone gone from a good 5.1 to a Sonos playbar?


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I am considering of going from Onkyo NR818 with B&W LCR60/601s3/600s with BK XXLS400 to the new Sonos Arc.
Am I mad?

I watch only streaming on 4K fire stick, Xbox 360 once a month on a 65” Hisense. lounge is 4x5m.

Anyone else gone from big set up to soundbar?


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I have just sold my 7.1.2 Atmos surround sound system and preordered the Sonos Arc, Sub and x2 Play 1’s for rears.

Not due to audio reasons, but due to a new arrival in the shape of a kicking screaming soon to be inquisitive toddler, as I can’t run the risk of speakers falling or prying fingers.

I don’t see it as loss, just means I get my own DDCR “Daddy’s Dedicated Cinema Room” in our next house - got my hopes on a KEF THX Inwall system “a man can dream”.

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