Anyone going to Collectormania this weekend?


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Hi guys, wasn't sure whether to put this in the TV or Movie section, feel free to move if neccessary.

Just wondering if anyones going to Collectormania this weekend in Milton Keynes?

I live in MK so will pop down and get a few signatures and hopefully some good models/memorabillia for 'soon to be' cinema room. :D

It's always really busy, but usually worth it, the guests dont seem to be as strong as in th epast but still a few good ones there. :thumbsup:

Cheers Rob


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Collectormania is upon us again - from Friday 26.10.07 to Sunday 28.1.07 in Milton Keynes.

This time I may actually stump up the money and buy one of those beautiful swords :D


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Shame its in Milton Keynes and i didnt know about it untill now!

Looking on the site there is a Manchester one in Nov, i might drive down as its only about 50-60miles instead of the huge trip to Milton Keynes!!

Some decent people onboard for the Manchester one so far, i would have loved to meet Shanks and Judge of SG1 along with the beatiful Jewel Staite :)

If you go and meet Wayne Pygram can you get me his autograph ;), the guy is a Legend in Farscape :p


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Ive been to quite a few over the years, mainly the ones in Birmingham but I will make the trip down to Milton Keynes this weekend.

Ive only been to one in Manchester (i think it was the first one - 3 - 4 years ago ?) and to be honest didnt think it was very good, quite small. I know that Milton Keynes isnt a very big show but I think it has more just in a very tight space, Manchester had plenty of room for each stand - it may have improved now though as it was a few years ago.


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For some reason i thought it was the weekend just gone, i have lost a week!!

Umm i might give it a go at going, well thats if i can get a mate to come as it will be a long drive by myself!!!

West Yorkshire to Milton Keynes will not be the best of drives as it is, let alone me being alone.....

Anyone know anywhere i might be able to stay overnight so i can attend both days :)


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Anyone know anywhere i might be able to stay overnight so i can attend both days :)
There are a couple of hotels nearby, a Holiday Inn and a Travel Lodge within 5 mins walk of the centre.

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