Anyone go for the HT1100 offer @ the Bristol Show?

Clint C

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Dec 10, 2002
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Wiltshire UK
As per subject, has anyone received their NEC HT1100 units yet from M J Acoustics?

What nobody? I spoke to the chap at MJ Acoustics and he tells me they had orders for 35 units. If that was the case then I can't believe no one on here had one. Somebody re-assure me this isn't a scam.

Please God don't let me get ripped off again :( .
are these guys the official distributor..... if so i was talking to them today and they didnt do a good job.....

me: 'im looking for the official NEC lens for the HT1100'
them: 'ok.....let me check.....errrrr..... whats an HT1100?'
me: 'replacement for the old HT1000'
them: 'oh, i know now...... but whats an anamorphic lens?'
me: 'it stretches the 4:3 image to 16:9'
them: 'never heard of that, we dont do that'

So basically if these guys are the distributor (NEC UK gave me that number and the guy on the phone confirmed they were the distributor), they dont know so much about their area of expertise! Its a crying shame that a company forces the customer either to purchase from abroad (thus forfeiting rights) or to buy a different manufacturers machine..... go figure.....

Thanks for that Ad, I was beginning to think I was going mad.

This is their website.

I take on board what you're saying about their "knowledge" of the product and it would seem clear that they've only got subs on their minds :D . The fact that you've spoken to NEC and they put you onto these guys means that I (in theory) shouldn't get ripped off which was my initial concern. At this point I'm just gagging for the pj to arrive as you can probably well imagine but it seems clear from yours and my experience with them is that some training for them on the NEC pj's wouldn't go amiss along with a course in "Sounding professional" :D .

Thanks again. Clint.

I'm sure you'll be okay. Surely no one would put up a web-site and take out a room at the Bristol show just to scam people. Oh, hold on a minute .... Nah, just joking :D you'll be fine.

I've just noticed that you're from Wiltshire. Salisbury by any chance ? Far too much of my money ends up at the Naim Audio factory there.

Allan, can I have your 1100 if mine doesn't turn up? :laugh:. I know, it does seem extreme and I'm sure MJ Acoustics wouldn't be too chuffed either.

Wiltshire wise, not Salisbury mate, further north near the M4 in sunny Chippenham.

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