Anyone for Tennis !


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I love Wimbledon and I'm pretty gutted about this. Although obviously I expected it.

And I'm sure the US Open will be next.

They're still hoping to play the French in September though, but I think that's looking like a stretch.

Greg Hook

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Just noticed this post from April.

I bet when they took that out there was a ton of people saying what a waste of £2M a year and it will never happen etc. In fact I'm surprised they ever took it out, so some clever preparation there.


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Well he’s not known as Novaxx Djocovid for nothing!

I hadn’t realised that his wife believes in the 5G conspiracy too :facepalm:



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At the moment the way the US is looking, I'd think there will be a fair few of the big names withdrawing from the US Open. If it even goes ahead.

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