Anyone else's Sky+ crash and reset last night?


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Strange thing happened last night. I just finished watching a recorded version of 'Entourage' on my Sky+ box. Then, everything was fine, but all of a sudden, the box reset itself, after I had finished watching the show.

When it came back to life, none of the '+' functions would work. I can't set reminders, I can't record anything, and worst yet, all the programmes I had recorded have disappeared.

The box says there is some kind of fault, and the system has a failure. Does this mean my system, or all system???

Anyone else have this problem? Haven't bothered to ring them yet, because I thought i'd get the full story here first.

BTW - my Sky+ HD box downstairs is totally fine. But it did mysteriously not record one programme that was lined up for recording, but it did record the other show I had scheduled! Weird!


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mine lost all it's recording/playback functionality as well and I reckon it was either overnight on the 18th or 19th.
(I'm in West London)

Sky's recovery method means I've lost eveything I'd previously recorded:mad: :mad: :mad:
(Luckily most is being repeated at some time over the next week)

The rep on the phone reckoned it could've been down to a power surge so I'm going to check out Maplin in Hounslow for a surge protector.

Merry Xmas:)


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my box just went into standby by itself last night at about 6.00pm
when i switched it on it had lost all the ( + ) functions and wiped the planner:thumbsdow
spent half hour on hold to sky:rolleyes: in the end used the forums to reset the box

all is working fine now but i reckon its sky who have done it because they have been pestering me for a insurance policy on the equipment :rotfl:

thanks anyway avforums for your help once again:clap:


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Guys - this is exactly what happened to my box. It just randomly stopped working. The '+' features, and planner were deleted. I had to reset the box, and it then worked fine...

Considering this happened to 3 of us in the same area [I think, West London] - surely this is some kind of strange conspiracy by Sky??? Plus - if the fault lies with Sky, and not us, or our boxes - surely we have a case for compensation, as it presumably affected several other people too???


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not sure if this is related at all, but this morning I tried to press record and nothing would record. My planner all seemed intact though. I have powererd down the box and now it wont even turn back on... When I try to turn it on the red power light blinks once and then stay red.....



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Hmmm... Tried to record madagascar yesterday afternoon - no workie :rolleyes: Had to reset the (+) box to get back record functions. Midlands based, so it wasn't only a london thing :( Coincidence??? Very unlikely!


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similar thing happened to me last night, i couldnt veiw anything i had recorderd. Only thing i could do was cut the power and reboot:mad:


I think you'll find a lot of the problems on the night of the 24th were caused by a lot of unusual activity in the skys above Europe effecting the astra footprint. Apparently the height and speed of flying reindeers knocks the signal out.:thumbsup:


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My dad's did - lost all the recording functions so I had to reformat the HDD but strangley mine didn't (we have the same box!)

Cheers, Franc

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