Anyone else's PVR-9200T turning itself on?


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My PVR-9200T is in my bedroom, and it has behaved itself for the 10 days or so since I bought it. Up until this morning, that is - at 4am today, I was woken up by the sound of the hard drive spinning up. I wondered what the noise was at first, and then realised, hit the off button on the remote, and went back to sleep. The odd thing was that the noise was just the HDD spinning - there was no "ticking" noise that accompanies it being turned on normally.

I have no timers set, and there were no timed recordings - it just woke itself up at 4 for no apparent reason. Did anyone else's do this - I wonder if it was checking for firmware updates or similar?


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It checks for updates at 4am, I think you can turn it off or change the time that it checks.
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