Anyone else with Movie problems?


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Since Sky movies changed from 1, 2, 3, etc to Comedy, Action, Family, etc I can't input my PIN.
For example on Sky Comedy I'm asked to press the red button and input my pin. When I press red, a box comes up (bottom left) that says loading, please wait - after 30 seconds this disappears and the STB is locked - I have to put it into standby and then bring it out of standby again to unlock it.
I gave Virgin Media the benefit of the doubt, by thinking it was a temporary fault and then went on hols - it still didn't work when I came back so I called the call centre last night where a very helpful chap asked me to do this that and the other to no avail and then he checked with his superviser - when he was now able to inform me that it was a known fault and it would be restored on April 22nd at 3.50 :eek: (how good is that ! I'm impressed they can give an exact time ! ! :rolleyes: )
Anyone else had/have this problem?
And what would you do now?
- Retentions...?


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Virgin told us over phone that problem with out STB locking up would be fixed by 16:00 on Friday the 13th, never happened locked up again next day.


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Interesting! Had a similar problem as V+ wouldn"t record the movie channels and no guide or information was available on them. PIN input did work, though.
First answer by the hotline girl was that it's copyright related, which I rejected as not plausible. After a minute on hold, she came back to me saying it's a known problem they are working on and April 26th as the date when all the functionality would be restored. However, no exact time.;)

Would be interesting to see what dates others got.



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Can you actually watch these channels though?
I'm not able to - even though I pay for them.

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