Anyone else tried Edge Chromium yet?


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Seems OK to me. I switched to Chrome a year or so ago because Edge was too flaky, but the new Edge uses the Chromium engine, and so far it seems slightly faster than native Chrome and just as stable.

I always like to use default Windows applications wherever possible.


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I've just fired up my pc to do a bit of work, Edge chromium told me it had just installed and I should get started now. I got started on opening 'add or remove programs' and uninstalled it.


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No I didn't :laugh: , just remembered it wouldn't let me uninstall so I've hid it out of the way.
Not helpful in the slightest and I apologise for not offering any constructive feedback.


The only downside is the search function (I think it's called Bing) is a lot more long winded compared to Chrome. Chrome search gets the required result in less steps.
Me personally i will move from chrome to Edge chromium

  • I use bing search so i can get my Microsoft points.
  • It does seem slightly faster
  • If i stop getting page not responding errors like i get on chrome every so often then thats another plus for me
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Chrome on our mac was quite slow when rendering web pages so a week ago I tried edge and so far it renders quicker and has less page issues overall.
So I am sticking with it for now.


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been using it for months now via the canary and beta channels.

Seems a bit faster than chrome.

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