Anyone else tired Stadia yet?


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Not tried Stadia before but got an email about a free trial, and ongoing cost is only £8.99/month so why not try it.

Didn't expect much, but actually very surprisingly playbale and given I needed to spend exactly £0 on new hardware am very tempted to keep it going after the free trial.

Destiny 2 running beautifully on a 2013 MacBookPro.

GRID on my S9 with cheapo Bluetooth controller also worked great.

Very little latency, similar/better than old UT/Counter strike days from the 00s. Game access/install times are also very impressive and easy, there also appears to be cloud syncing between devices/games.

Overall given I needed to spend exactly £0 on new hardware am very tempted to keep it going after the free trial.

Anyone else tried the service?


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Quick play before the nursery run....realised a track pad isn't going to work with Elder Scrolls, no ability to do right/left clicks properly.....

...GRID though worked fine with just the keyboard.

No am not serious gamer anymore, but been able to access these AAA title on a 2013 laptop, with £0 upfront cost is pretty good. Google have a winner on their hands - Off to get a mesh WiFi setup for the house :)



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It’s a good service for someone like yourself who doesn’t game much, but most regular gamers would rather pay for local hardware to run games on. With Stadia for the higher quality tier I have to pay a monthly fee and then pay for the game itself, no thanks.


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Had a few hours free yesterday so got stuck into GRID and Destiny. Overall am very happy with Stadia for my needs, by my ISP may not be so happy though, can anyone tell when I first started my Stadia trial?

Lets see how 'unlimited' their unlimited service is :).



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It's a brilliant service for those who don't want to invest in expensive hardware and don't game as much as they used to. Stadia pro is offering exceptional value with all the games that have been added over the last few months.

My only criticism would be that AAA titles have been thin on the ground and there doesn't seem to be masses of games on the horizon either. I already hate the fact that I can't play the last of us 2 after selling my PS4 but in saying that, I barely played my PlayStation anyway.

As for lag and stuttering, go wired if you can. If that's not an option, make sure you connect over 5ghz and have as strong a connection as possible. Stadia worked perfect for me when I was on a 65/8 connection over 5ghz with bt. Now full fibre over a wired connection and it never misses a beat.

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