Anyone else still waiting for the 10Mb Upgrade?


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According to the VM website all areas are upgraded but I'm still on 2Mb :(

I've rebooted the modem (and it's a fairly new one), so it looks like this area hasn't actually been done. I'm in South Wales - NP20

I've tried calling customer "service" and was told it would be done 'in a week or two' but it was quite clear they hadn't a clue what they were talking about (as ever :rolleyes:)

Anyone else still waiting?


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Some VM Customer services people are total liars. I phoned them up and they told me the 1-2weeks crap. When I asked how the hell he knew that as I hadn't told him where I lived he said from my telephone number. Funny thing is I was using a mobile phone!

Anyways, rather than bitch and whine I just hung up and redialed and got through to another person who actually asked all my details, took me through security and gave me a time frame of the first week of the following month (Which true to her word it was)


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Thanks for that wormvortex - how long ago was it that you were upgraded?

I'm thinking that I'll call and cancel all services following which one of their employees with at least half a brain will be desperate to contact me and might be able to give me a straight answer.

Can probably get a refund of the increased charge I've been paying for no better service too :)

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