Anyone else problems porting from o2 to o2 online?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones Forum' started by Jules, Mar 30, 2005.

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    I ported my number last month from O2 to a new O2 Online contract, and I've just encountered extraordinary incompetence.

    Instead of a refund, I received a bill from my old contract today! They've ported my number but are still charging me.
    I contacted them on my old contract and was told to ring the Online division.
    I then contacted the Online division and was put through to the other division.

    They, then couldn't find my account for ages, and when they finally did they said they couldn't stop the payments and I should cancel the DD at the bank.

    Now I've worked for an internet bank for many years and I know the score....
    Their direct debit originator code is the same for both companies, and they've used the same reference number on both accounts.
    So, if I cancel the DD neither of them will get paid!

    It is extraordinarily incompetent, and I'm not hopeful that this will be sorted out anytime soon.
    Anyone else had similar problems?
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    Yep, exactly the same problem, however, not only can they hardly find my account when i ring, but they lost my phone too! Still waiting for it. Bieng billed for it, and they wont talk to me because they say im not a O2 online customer nor am i an O2-UK customer, but im paying O2 money and i have two accounts with both!?!

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