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Anyone else having problems running (PS2) "Knockout Kings 2001" on their PS3???

Master Yoda

Active Member
Hey - Wondering if this problem is affecting anyone else or just my machine...

Any of you guys have EA's Knockout Kings 2001 for the PS2???

Everytime I try to play this PS2 game on my "Backwards Compatible" 60GB Launch PS3, it loads up to the start screen but then none of the controller buttons will do anything, and I can't start the game (I have pressed the PS button before you ask and the controller is on). The machine isn't frozen, as using the PS button I can still access the standard PS3 menus and exit/reset the game.

I've tried 'everything' and this is really annoying me now - this machine is meant to be backwards compatible...

I haven't kept my PS2 out since I had my PS3, as I expected to be able to run all my PS2 games on this machine... :thumbsdow

I've checked with Sony's Backwards Compatibility website and it says this game has no major issues with the PS3??? (I'd say not being able to get past the start screen is a pretty big issue to me!!!) :rolleyes:

I've tried disabling PS2 smoothing, and HD upscaling but no difference. I obviously have a PS2 memory card created on the HDD so can't be that either. I've checked the disc and it is completely like new with no scratches or marks.

I notice that when the game boots up, the area where it normally says something like "press start" or similar doesn't say anything - the blue box is there, but the writing inside isn't... :confused:

If you have this exact game, please can you try it on your PS3 and let me know if it works or not. I don't believe Sony when they say this game works on the PS3 - It hasn't worked for me since launch (I found this problem out when I first got my PS3, but waited thinking it would be sorted out with a firmware update - I am confused as to why this specific game is listed by Sony as not having any issues with the 60GB PS3???)


Active Member
I only have KO Kings 2002, sorry. All I can add is that I've seen PS2 games that used to work on the PS3, stop working after a firmware update. I have my PS2 next to my PS3 so I can switch between them. Sorry I couldn't offer further info.

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