Question Anyone else have this problem with PS2?


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I have just got a PS2 for my kids (first game console). I have Abe's Odyssey game from PS1 days. It runs in PS2 but the screen rolls down (like credits), so it's totally unusable. I am using HDMI convertor, does anyone know if this means my PS2 can't play this game or is there something I can do to fix the problem? The screen just rolls downwards and loops around continually. Any help appreciated. Thanks


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That's an interesting first choice of console for kids in 2019. As to the issue sounds like it's an NTSC/PAL problem, is the game the same region as the PS2 (both PAL for that era).

I'm not sure it's something you can fix without a modded PS2 for adjusting PAL/NTSC output, perhaps there is another method as it has been a very long time ago since I lasted messed around with the PS2. A quick Google search shows there are now softmods for PS2 so no hardware chip required.


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It may be due to the HDMI convertor you're using. Try the standard composite cable and see if that works

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