Question Anyone else had titles disappear from Amazon Prime Video menus?


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I just went to watch the first episode of Modern Love in 4K on Amazon Prime Video. It was the second or third option on the "4K TV shows available..." row. When I started playback the video screwed up fo some reason. So I closed the app, started it again, tried playing the video again. And I'd screwed up again. Closed and reopened it again and this time the title had disappeared from the 4K TV shows. Doing a search for it just brings up the 1080p version (seriously, is it that hard to emulate Netflix's auto detect of my TV type?). Has anyone else ever experienced titles just disappear like this? Is there another way to find the 4k versions of titles other than to just search for it?


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Titles can disappear when the series is removed but in this case it's the way the app works - it's trying to suggest content but in doing that the shows that appear can be fairly random esp, the 4K versions.

When you do find the 4K version then add it to your watchlist straight way. Searching in the app doesnt work well for everyone either - but searching the amazon site in a browser the show you mentioned comes up straight away in HD and UHD versions.

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