Anyone else hacked off with Virgin?


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I'm a bit hacked off with Virgin at the moment.

First I found out a little while back that I can't make unlimited length off-peak calls any more. OK, I might waffle on for an hour or two, never more, but now I have to redial after 59 mins or they charge me. I don't recall that as an issue with Telewest Blueyonder - when did that silly rule come in?

Then I asked them if I could have a fully itemised bill, as most of my charged calls are under 50p. Sure, they said, we'd love to, so long as you pay us an extra £1 per month. WHAT??? I mean, it's not as if it costs them anything as I have fully electronic billing so I'm saving them the cost of paper bills. How am I supposed to check that I'm even making the shorter phone calls they tell me I'm making if I have to pay just to see my receipt? Is that even legal?

Don't get me started on the choice of 500 films on pay per view. I think there was once a James Bond film I'd heard of, but honestly I've never heard of most of them. I thought maybe I'm just uncultured, but wheneer I've had friends round and shown them the movie choice, they've never heard of any of the films on offer either!

Anyone else think it sucks?


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It doesn't sound very legal to me, although I'm no expert. Consult your lawyer or local citizen's advice bureau, and see what they say.

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