Anyone else got Silent Hunter 3 ?

Bloody good game aint it? ...... I once only had one red aft torpedo left...... i was on Happy Days in a Type VII-C/42 sub ...... so i decided to be risky and go to periscope depth.... raise the snorkel and steam away at about 16knots...... with luck a Flower Corvette thingy started to chase me....... i aimed ma crosshairs over the small warship and let my noise seeking torpedo loose........ the ship was about 600m away doing sumthing like 20knots...... i went to freeview mode and followed the ship....... the torpedo didnt go past the boat... it instead went underneath and rose up and split the boat in two!!!!...... I tell ya im a U-Boat ace and no mistake lol........ tell me yur gaming experience please... if anyone else has a submarine game..:D


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Yeah. I have it too mate. Hardly had time to delve into it, but it is a quality item, of that I have no doubt and comes highly recommended.

Head on over to Silent Hunter III website, and the (General Discussion) forum is a mine of info.

Have a look at the General Discussion forum and then have a read through of some of Psychfilm's Noob Patrol threads involving the Personal war diaries of Captain J. Smitlack and his First Mate, Socko...they are a hilarious read...:)

Noob Patrols by Psychfilm


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I got this quite a while back on release day and had a bit of a play on it, but found the manual very lacking and put it aside.
Thanks for the link Digger I'll visit the site and see if some of my questions are answered and hopefully get back in to it.

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Clio_Master_1.2 said:
........ the torpedo didnt go past the boat... it instead went underneath and rose up and split the boat in two!!!!...... I tell ya im a U-Boat ace and no mistake lol..........

Just in case your interested, torps do this in order to create a vacume underneath the boat which then sucks the boat down, breakiing its "back". A lot easier than trying to punch through any skin plate/armour.

I used to LOVE playing Red Alert 2 and Silent Service. Is it anything like these games?

edit: is there an online mp mode?


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Absolutely superb game... shame I didn't put that much time into it.

I remember reading in PC Gamer a few months ago, one guy created a mod where the missions were in real time and he acted like a 'real' captain and played for days on end...;)


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Yep, you can set Depth under Keel for particular types of torps, that gives this desired effect.

Yeah, there is an online multiplayer mode, never used it though. But dont let that stop you

GameSpot Review


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Talking of mods, It might be worth downloading some of Beeryus' mods (the chief mod maker for SHIII) as this thread explains, he may have to stop hosting his site for personal reasons - a shame!...grab them while you can.

Beeryus thread
Yup its a class game cheers for taking time to talk about it....... its alot like silent service... my dad had that game lol...... he ripped it up cuz he came up amongst a group of merchants and his torpedoes misfired LOL

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