Anyone else got NAD 820/NAD(PSB) speakers

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by AvAl, Feb 26, 2005.

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    It seems these speakers, the PSB speakers, or the PSB speakers that are renamed as NAD never get talked about at all. I'm a fan :thumbsup:

    I've found these bookshelf speakers (to my ears) the most natural sounding speakers for home cinema, within a buget of £200 a pair that I found at the Home Entertainment show. I would certainly recommend a listening. I realise some may say they sound rather dull - I thought that, especially after having a day full of all the other speaker setups listened to (around the, and sometimes well over the £200 mark!) but after an hour of listening I came to the conclusion that, to my ears, these had been designed so as not to encourage the high treble content so prevalent with so many HC speakers in this budget. This could also be because of its design for particularly good music sound reproduction also.

    Anyway, I love the warm (some may say flat sound) of that speakers. I like to think of them as a considerably more natural sound than many, many others :D
    I just wondered of anybody elses listening experiences/ opinions of them.

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