Anyone else got DAVS550 yet???


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Jul 8, 2002
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I ask as I have been waiting for a replacement for over two weeks now, first had problems with subtitles coming on every time you insert a DVD and coming back on on Layer change, sometimes in foreign language.

I have looked on other forums on the net and can find no more DAVS550 owners, however in America they have recently released the C770 and C990 (Dream Systems) both of which have the same subtitle problem.

I have now e-mailed sony twice about the problem and have no reply, strange how they were so helpful to my queries before I had any problems.

Does anyone have a contact number or E-mail address to Sony Technical Support direct.


I've recently purchased a davs-550. I do get the subtitle problem, hoever, I've not noticed it on all DVD's and not all the time, but it does happen. I either press the subtitle button, or go into the dvd menu and turn them off. Not always English either!

Good unit though, I use the component out on my plasma and the picture is really great.

Let me know if Sony admit there's some problem. (I don't have en email for Sony I'm afraid.)

Is yours multi-region? Just wondering if it might be something to do with the upgrade, as mine is multi region...
Getting replacement this week, spoke with Sony several times, one guy told me they had some issues but would not say what they were, although approx 1/2 hour after the phone call I got an answer to a two week old e-mail telling me they were not aware of any problems.

If I have the same problem I may just live with it as I like the look and sound of the unit, and who knows perhaps in a few months time Sony will update the firmware or something?

EDIT, not multi region, region 2 only.

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