Anyone driven/owned a Mercedes EQC?


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Looking for feedback from real people, I've watched a lot of Youtube videos and everything seems pretty good for my own needs (wife and 2 large dogs)

It would be my first EV, and the only way it's even remotely possible that I can consider a car as expensive as this is that as a company director I can get a fairly decent deal on one of these on a business contract hire over 2 years - and 0% Benefit in kind to pay on this tax year.

Problem is, with Covid times Mercedes dealers are all working from home so it's not easy to arrange a test drive, particularly when you won't even be sourcing it from the company allowing you to drive it (I'm a huge believer in not wasting peoples time)

I also rent at the moment, so I would be looking to charge it at a snails pace using a 3 pin 240v plug - possibly through the letter box or something. No point getting an expensive home charger on a house I don't own.

Any EV owners do that? I know it'll be slow but I don't think I'm going to be going 250 miles in one go, anytime soon and a local carpark near me has a couple of 50KW CCS chargers if I needed quicker charge and I can park for free there for 3 hours!

Currently I have a personal contract hire on an E200 Estate Premium Plus so am familiar with the layout/interiors etc.


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Haven't driven one, but reviews are generally very positive online. Have you driven any electric car before?

I've driven lots of EV's, I have a Kona and the wife has an eTron, so for me I like EV for the pure refinement & effortless performance, ridiculously low home charging costs and of course 0% BIK. 1 charger and 2 cars works fine, eTron is much thirstier so charged once a week and Kona very 10 to 14 days on our low mileage profile.

Drive wise the EQC is going to feel like a really refined and quick version of a GLC Merc, but with regen braking being a massive change over your diesel.

Charging at home on a 3pin lead is ok short term but you'll only get 2.4kW going into the car - 10 Amps @ 240 Volts.

EQC battery is an 85kWh battery so around 40 hours charging time to recharge from empty!

Living with an EV without a home charger may prove painful, many on here use 3 pin chargers but if you're a higher mileage driver are you really going to want to divert to a public repid charger several rimes a week? Also most 50kW chargers only give 44kW of real power, so circa 2 hours charging time from empty on such a big battery.

Maybe rent an EV so you can see how the drive trains feel and also see how the charging experience works.

There are other cheaper ways to charge at the house such as 16 Amp waterproof connectors, appreciating your property is rented but if you're staying for a while the fuel savings may pay for your charger and you can also put this cost through your company and also the electiricty you use. Get your company accountant to sign off first, but many company owners do this.


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The practical alternative to home charging is to discover where public access fast chargers are located near to your home.


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I own (really leasing) an EQC since July... and I am very happy with it. The interior is as luxurious as you can expect from an E series (not only C), refinement and comfort are the norm. The car is absolutely silent, you can watch the videos from bjorn nyland, is the most silent EV he tested.
The infotainment is probably one of the best in the market.

Regarding driving experience: smooth and silent, with 4 driving styles and using the regeneration levers in 5 posible positions you can go from the most sportive driving experience (less than 5 sec 0-100, first time you experience that is amazing) to the most conservative style in order to maximize range.

Talking about range and consumption (net battery is 80 kWh not 85). usual range goes between 360 and 440 km depending on you driving style and external conditions. But how many times you really need that range? In my case two summer travels using IONITY chargers. The rest of the time charging at home or work. The consumption is around 19 kwh in city/roads 80 km/h and 22,5 kWh in highway 120 Km/h.

I charge at home at 3,3 kWh (13 amp) usual plug. No problem and very convenient, so no real need to spend the money in a wallbox and installation. I use to do it once every two weeks during the night going from 40% to 80%. They don’t recommend to charge for 100% often. I just did it 2-3 times during the long travels.
Charging speed in CCS (fast charging) is 110 kWh. It could be better but still enough to rest 20-30 minutes every 200-250 km. This speed is not linear in any EV, and EQC has a good curve, not degrading so fast. I think this car deserves a charging speed of 150kw at least. I am sure the upcoming EQS and EQE will be around 250 kwh

Summing up, I can only recommend this car. If you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask.


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I have owned a Merc EQC AMG Prem Plus for 4 months.

All I can say is that I love driving it, it's smooth comfortable and fast. Also, the AMG wheels look amazing. The tech and interior are unrivaled why would you buy an ugly Tesla?
I charge at home with an EO Charger, it's small and discrete at the front of the house.

Would I recommend this car YES!. It's the best car I have ever owned.

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