Anyone done a back to back comparison 42X Vs 42Z?


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Looking to take the plunge, and purchase a plasma (at last):thumbsup::thumbsup:

Pannys seem to be very highly regarded at the mo, with the 42X range being well recievedd.

Now I know the 42Z model is out too, being full HD to boot.

However it commands a premium increase to boot.

I did a quick comparison last week of the two models running SM3 and i have to say the Z varient, seemed sharper and more natural, (untill i spotted the artifact sheen close up) :(

but the newwe model was just below eyeline, and the older just above,

but i dont know if the shop have tweaked the settings to make the Z varient look better (D****S) btw.

anyone got any unbaised opionions?

it would be used for

Xbox 360 (elite)
& DVD player (progressive scan)

not sure about blueray at the mo, but cant rule it out

would i gain / loose much by opting for the lower res? (X model)


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