Anyone dealt with AAP regarding surrendering an endowment policy ?


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I've got 8 years left on a 25 year endowment policy and have got a surrender value from the company who it's with, but was thinking about trying AAP as well. The policy is going to fall way short of the amount it was supposed to mature to even at their highest estimates, so I really don't feel like throwing more money at them. I don't need this policy for the house as I changes to a repayment mortgage in 2000 so I thought I'd use the money I get from surrendering to pay a chunk off the mortgage.
Anyone got any comments ?


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Hi John

I surrendered a Standard Life Policy last year - roughly on the same terms as you.

Can't remember who it was with now... may well have been AAP.

You can always shop around to see if anyone can beat their valuation.

I ended up getting a few valuations and cashed it in for more than I would have got from Standard Life


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I work in the endowment business. Ive had many dealings with AAP over the years. They are a good company although as has already been mentioned, there are other potential buyers out there so shop around.

Bear in mind that not all endowments will trade second hand, it depends on the life company, age, size, type etc.


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Any ideas of some other decent ones to deal with ?


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Ooooh am I allowed to say ? Most buyers are pretty good really, as long as you get a firm offer where there's a buyer in place (average sale will take about 4 - 6 weeks to complete compared to 1 - 2 weeks if you surrendered the policy back to the life company. I work for an Endowment trawler brokers so we deal with pretty much all of the major buyers in the UK including smaller ones that cant deal with the general public.

If I am alowed (touting for business etc :confused:) I can give you our phone number or let me know how old your policy is and who its with, that would help. Bear in mind that I dont know anyone out there that will buy unit linked policies and most buyers prefer policies with a surrender value over £5,000. Dont expect more than 10% over surrender value unless your policy is unusual.

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