Anyone cut Thier own hair yet ?!


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I’ve been saving money by not visiting barbers for the last 20+ years too!

No 3 all over, with a Philips rotatable head jobby! Takes just a couple of minutes. My stubble sometimes gets longer than my hair!
Not sure how much I've saved in reality. I end up spending about £50 on blades every 3 months or so but I've no idea how much a haircut costs.


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Can't use clippers to get down to a totally smooth head.


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I've been using Wahl 300 series clippers for years. I use a No5 comb all over and MrsD shaves the back of my neck and tidies round my Ears. In the last couple of weeks I decided to grow a Goatee beard and have found that my Hair clippers with a No1 comb trims it nicely.

Ruperts slippers

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I've been shaving mine for yrs with a Gillette. Every day or every other day depending on the boss.
Nicely tanned atm too.

Although I nicked the scalp this morning, prolly do that once a yr.


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Never done the Bic job, just use a pair of clippers with no guard on.

tempted to leave the beard to grow and completely bic my head just to see if I can change the way I look and slip under the radar.


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I’ve started growing a goatee of late, to go with the shaven head.

Apparently I look like Walter White / Heisenberg

I’m also quite impressed with the amount of white in there. Maybe I should grow my hair and see how grey I’ve gone in the last 20 years 😂

Sloppy Bob

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Something I've noticed since I started cutting my own hair.

I go to the barbers and get a 2/3 clipper all over. It looks fine and it lasts about 6 weeks with me usually taking my Philishave oneblade to the sides to trim it at some point.

I cut my own hair, a 2 guard all over, and it looks fine. But, it looks untidy after about 2 weeks and I need to do it again.


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Just took the clippers to me head.

No there won't be any pics, and I won't be going out in public without a cap on for the next month :laugh:


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I thought it was wise to practice my new trimmer on someone other than myself first. So had my best pal (My Cat) volunteer/step-in for a quick test run.



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With the lack of stock anywhere I might have to see what damage I can do with the beard trimmer soon!


Our youngest cut her sister's hair and my wife's hair this week.

My wife has asked me why there are no mirrors in the house any more.


...She did a great job by the way :D:thumbsup:


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My wife did mine after I finally got some hairdressing scissors delivered at the weekend. She used my corded Wahl clippers first then tidied up with the scissors. The clippers I've had for a long time to trim my beard (it says Wahl Super Taper on the underside of them) and they're high quality, Made In The USA.

It turned out 98% as good as the barber does it so I was very happy.

Then today I got sent this link - at my age, probably a hair cut too far, mind you :eek: :rotfl:



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Bought a curved blade Remington just as lockdown hit and now comfortable working with a mirrored image to ensure everything even.

Wife has short hair and she let me loose with the Wahl (although I had to buy a no. 8 guard that doesn't fit our model properly).

And I finally convinced our 7yr old to have a cut. Normally he creates like hell as he doesn't like hair falling into his face. So I simply used a no. 4 on the sides and back. Having curly hair hides a multitude of sins but we're both impressed by the end result.


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Looks like the forum's favourite Quick Cut may be end of life. I had a couple of notifications set up for new stock & they've both said it won't be coming back. Argos are still listing it on Ebay & their own site at a sensible price but zero stock anywhere.

So it was the forum's other favourite Remington, the MB320C beard trimmer. Took the best part of an hour but not too bad a result. I've even been out in public!


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Number zero all over 10 mind all done. Wahl battery model


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I had mine cut at the barbers a week before lockdown, again on the same basis I wanted it done and thought it would last the distance... how wrong I was.

Got clippers (Philips, corded), cut my hair three times since now. Nothing fancy, nice and short, and it grows quick enough that a few days later any imperfections are well enough covered up.

Generally a Sunday morning job, definitely no alcohol courage needed. Biggest issue is sticking some contact lenses in so I can still see (glasses and clippers definitely don't work together).

I hate long hair, so possibly something I'll keep doing and only go to the barbers every second cut so they can tidy up the bits that are more difficult - like my neckline and hair at the back, even with two mirrors I can never quite get it right.


Done mine four times so far. 6 ontop and 2 for the sides and back. Even did someones at work after they saw the job id done on mine.

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