Anyone buy at UK online store from Ireland?


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Feb 28, 2006
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Looking to buy the Pioneer 436 XDE. are selling it with the side speakers and wall mount for 3,700euro(inc delivery £85) to Ireland.

Anyone use them or any other online store.

Not that particular shop, but I've bought a number of items from Richersounds in Belfast & have always found them excellent. I'm hopping from foot to foot at the moment waiting for a Panny 37PE50 Ive bought from Dabs

Got it delivered to a mate in Portadown to avoid the extra VAT & reduce shipping !
fishfoodie said:
Got it delivered to a mate in Portadown to avoid the extra VAT & reduce shipping !

No extra VAT should be paid , if both countries ( which they are ) are in the EU . The VAT is paid in the country of sale

I thought so to until I checked around...

There's some fine print in the EU guidelines, that I wasnt previously aware of that basically says, that if the Company has a 'presense' in the second country they should charge the local rate of VAT in that country. So as Dabs does a significant amount of business in Ireland & actually has warehouses here, they charge Irish customers local VAT rates.

I think this is to stop Internet retailers having Warehouses in every country but putting their 'Shop' in an EU country with a low VAT rate & thus undercutting all their competors by being able to change a low VAT rate & still shipping from a local source
Thanks for the reply.
If there is a problem in the first 12 months will richersounds collect it to repair it or will i have to drive to Belfast?
I bought my Pioneer 435 from AV Sales last year and they shipped it to Belfast for me. They put it on a pallet and sent it via a courier. They packaged it up really well so it made the journey unscathed. The delivery was reasonably expensive but the screen was a much better price than anywhere in Northern Ireland. If you do a search you'll find loads of posters singing their praises.


Couldnt honestly say that I know what RS's policy is on repair returns. Best option is to e-mail & ask directly.

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