Anyone Built their own Sub


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Just wondering if anyone has built their own sub?

There are some very intresting desgins plans available???

Thinking of putting the old DIY skills to use, I have built a few for my cars over the years, has to sound better that my stock Sony.


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skinnyfat said:

There are pleny of us who have built our own:thumbsup:
This is a good place to start:cool: Plenty of resources there


How do you drive them via high level and a X-over? or can you buy deadicated Sub amps. I have an AV receiver that can power a sub but I was thinking a built in amp would be better?


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Passive subs will fry normal ampliiers by producing very low imedances when run in parallel with speakers.

High level crossovers for the sorts of frequencies we are dealing with here would require very large and very expensive compents.
They would also have enough series resistance to spoil the sound quality.

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