Anyone built their own amps?


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Kind of considering this as a means of getting together a 4 channel power amp to run my surround channels from. Found various resources - best so far being Elliot Sound Products - PCBs available ready made. Main thing that I'm still unsure of the design for would be the power supply - for cost reasons I'm considering sharing the transformer between the channels, but that side is a bit scary.

What I'm not sure about is whether this is a bit ambitious for a first project of this sort - I'm a technical kind of guy with decent soldering skills, but do I need other resources, d'ya reckon?

Any good suppliers for bits in the UK? In particular cheap enclosures would be good...

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Maplins are always a good start for bits, they do the professional 19" enclosures that always look heavy duty and butch. They also do components Etc... There at and if you use 2u as a search word it will take you into the right sort of area.

As for how abitious the project is, it's really down to you. you know what your capable of, and if you think you can do it then do it.


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I've a far better idea -

buy some pre made tester modules from Tripath ( - these are the same units as used for high end amps in the UK by ESL Labs and Veritas.

All you need to do is buy a case and a power supply. A complete piece of piece.



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I've been looking out for various modules as you suggest. Part of the pain with them is that they are most often designed to have a power supply each, so the costs mount up. The prices for those Tripath tester modules get a bit OTT for me - aprticularly when I guess I'd have to import them from the US. There are some modules I could use that do - they have integral power supply - only pain is they're rather large, so I'd end up with a huge enclosure.

Maybe I'll just look out for an old Prologic amp with external inputs....


I used to design and build my own amplifiers, but with modern manufacturing techniques driving down the costs, it simply not worth it any more unless you are building something very high end. Certainly not worth it for surround sound amplifiers!

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