Anyone bought from letsgodigital?


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Hi all,

I am about to purchase a dv camera and have decided that is the place I want to buy it from, but I just wanted to check with anyone who had used them. Would you recommend them? How is their service? Experienced any problems?

Thanks - I just get a little nervous when spending that sort of money over the internet! :)

i recently purchased a sony camcorder from the company in question and can honestly say that i found them very helpful and i recieved my new camcorder the day after ordering it.
i would use them again for future purchases.


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Thanks shaun,

That's good to know. (Their free next day delivery is a real bonus!)


I think they are superb... I bought a Canon video cam from them... didn't like it (lots of motor noise), sent it back and got a full refund, with no questions asked!
I then wanted a Panasonic NV-GX7b, but they (and everyone else) was out of stock, and they promised to call me when they got some in... they didn't... thy called me the day BEFORE they were due in, to check I still wanted one, I said I did... and it arrived 2 days later .. they have a 5 year guarentee for £100 as well... can't fault 'em.


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Thanx Budgie - I feel confident about ordering from them now. :)

Another positive Lex - I bought from them - very helpful and quick delivery.



I personally haven't bought from them,but i remember reading somewhere and people couldn't praise them enough.
Great delivery /returns etc. If i find the link will edit post:rolleyes:


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Another vote for them here - I bought my Panny GS3 a couple of months ago. Good advice and excellent service.

Would use them again with no hesitation.


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I ordered from them on thursday and will hopefully be delivered on monday. I also discovered that they are based in Plymouth which is good for me as I don't live too far from there if things go wrong!

Thanks again guys!

Peter TT

Yep I bought a Panasonic GS1 from them on Monday .. very helpful advice on the phone and was sent out just when they said it would .. very impressed with the service so far

vj 265

I bought a Panasonic NVGX7 from them last month and they were very helpful. It arrived the next day and I have not had any problems with it.
I had been reading articles on this forum for some time for advice on a new digital camcorder (and also the Camcorder magazines, which I have the articles for) and decided back in September that I would go for the NVGX7, but everywhere was out of stock. So I decided to wait and then last month, when they were in stock, I tried to get a price match with LETSGODIGITAL, no-one could match and so I just bought from them and so far no problems.

Hope this helps




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Well after all that, unfortunately, I had a pretty torrid time ordering from Letsgodigital! :( :rolleyes:
I ordered my camcorder last thursday, but after being misinformed on the phone, problems entering my credit-card properly (took them 3 days!) and difficulties with delivery I didn't recieve it until yesterday! (6 days) They weren't the cheapest either, I went with them because of the recommendations and free next day delivery.

But as they have had so many good recommendations on here I will give them the benefit of the doubt and guess that I was just unlucky. They did at least sort it all out in the end.

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