Anyone bought from Amazon?


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I am going to buy the Pioneer DV-350 and am not sure which retailer to purchase from.

My shortlisted 2 are Amazon and HiFiBitz.

Both are the same price £119.99, both are multi region, both participate in the free DVD's offer so my question is:

Which is the better Multi region upgrade, or are they the same type (i.e. can they handle RCE, branching, are the auto detect or manual switching etc)?

Paul James


Well I'd try mulitregionmagic. £129.99 multiregion and RCE compt. Also you get them the next day. Bought several things from them. Highly recommended :)


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Got the same pioneer from richer sounds who beat amazon by £10 so 109.99 bargin.
But if you decide on amazon i have purchased many cd/dvd/book from them with no troble what so ever.

Mr Bigglesworth

I got mine from Amazon - run all the region disc I've thrown at ut, but I don't think I've got a RCE disc!!

I chose to get it from Amazon, cos I know Richers have a bit of a rep regarding getting grey imports and stuff - sure it would be fine, but thought I'd go for piece of mind with the player.

Great little player though!


I'd concur with that, I ordered my Pioneer DV350 at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon and it was delivered the following Tuesday at 8am. Fantastic service, and for £120 delivered inc VAT I was thoroughly stunned.

Fantastic player too. Well recommended....


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I bought a Tosh 220E from Amazon for £120 inc delivery a couple of weeks ago. Ordered it on Thursday and it was delivered on the Saturday. No problems and very good service. Have also bought lots of CDs, DVDs and books from them in the past with no hitches.

However, I have never had a problem with anything that I have bought going wrong so have no idea what their after sales service is like....

Also, the player is multi-region but when I opened the box it didn't look like the player had been touched. The remote and instruction book were both in cellophane and the player looked pristine.

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