anyone bored yet


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My Wii hasnt turned up yet but I was wondering if anyone has gotten even slightly bored with their Wii yet, we all know the real test of the Wii will be longevity, if we all end up using the classic controller to play games then the 360 will beat it up. I seriously hope no one is bored but you just never know?

If you have got bored then can you tell us whatgames you have played and how many hours you have clocked up



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I'm not bored with it at all and i'm only playing Wii sports and play (not going to play zelda and red steel til after my exams)


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No not bored yet. I must say, I'm surprised that Wii sports is still getting most of the play in my house, as i thought it would be more of a 5 minute gimmick.:thumbsup:


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No not bored yet. I must say, I'm surprised that Wii sports is still getting most of the play in my house, as i thought it would be more of a 5 minute gimmick.:thumbsup:
yeahm, even wii play, which i myself arent interested much in seems to be doing well with everyone else


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Wii play and Wii sport arnt the best games to have as your only too, they dont make you want to play more..

But i have too much uni work to do, i hope to have Zelda and Red Steel once work is done in next few weeks


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i will only have wii sports and wii play and to be honest thats all i plan to get (i dont get much time for gaming but the kids will enjoy sports and play)

my 5yr old is looking forward to tenniw and boxing:)


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lol, I keep getting my Wii remore out of the Wii play box and pretending..:clap:

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No not bored :thumbsup:
I got quite good at Bowling, but then had chance for a game this afternoon and it all went pear shaped, just like the real thing.
Then I started getting into Rounders ;) , that and Boxing are much better than I expected from reading reviews and watching youtube.
Loving it, 360 hasnt been touched all weekend. :)


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Not even remotely boring! Wii Sports has surprising depth even single player with the training modes, and watching my neighbours 7 year old get a KO in 30 seconds on Boxing was the most hilarious thing I've seen for ages!

Wii Play is a bit dull in single player, but it's fine in multi-player, and serves it's purpose as a Wii-remote training exercise.

Best of all is Zelda - after about 5 hours straight last night I fell asleep in the armchair, and was woken up by my wife, remote and nunchuk still clutched in my hands! Only sheer exhaustion was enough to drag me away - don't try this at home kids!


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Bored of it ? Not a chance. It's just insanely brilliant.. Like some of the other guys here, I've just got Wii Sports and Wii Play at the moment - with Zelda coming tomorrow. My arms are knackered though, so I'm just having a quick pit stop :D
I've downloaded Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong Country and F-Zero and dug out my old Gamecube games. I can't see me ever being bored of this console :thumbsup: :)


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Wii sports just gets better and better, sister and brother in law came round yesterday for a look as their Wii is still stuck with amazon somewhere.....and they loved it, and we all really got into it......until she smacked him in the knuckles during a boxing match with the Wiimote.....very funny.....although he didn;t seem to think so.......absolutley love tennis and bowling, once you get the hang of the system it does feel really real.......altough I do have to shut the curtains before starting........just in case anyone can see me!

As for Zelda, the only problem there is that I only get an hour ro so a night to play it......booo!


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I found that Wii Sports Golf is great fun when played with a few mates also! and the graphics are pretty nice in a nintendo styled way!:thumbsup:


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Not bored at all. Me and my housemates all agree it is the most amount of fun we've ever had on a console. With some great games on the horizon (excite truck, warioware, trauma centre, metroid and smash bros) I can't see me getting bored for ages!

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