anyone advise on if this is worth anything still?


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Hi all, Ive got a technics sl eh60 system

It has the 5 Speaker Dolby Pro Logic surround sound system, 5 disc change, auto reverse twin tape deck, etc, etc.

Not got a clue on hifi gear, but i paid about 500 quid for it a few years back. Anyone got a clue if its worth anything? Not sure if i should flog it or just keep it and use it in the ktichen or somthing.


John Simon

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Yes mate, its the sort of thing thats worth more to you than anyone else, its the sort of kit I would rather give to the kids or a club rather than try and sell - there is no hit to take then - as you have found a good use for it rather than subtracting what you may get for it from the original purchase price. Also - think of the joy it gave you over the years.



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Translated, i take it that means its not worth much :D

Cheers, would have liked to recoup a little bit back. Nevermind
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