Anyone actually got an iPhone 4 Apple Dock??


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Has anyone got one?

Are you as happy with it as the 3G/3GS Dock?

Does anyone know if there's any stock available at the Brent Cross or Westfield Apple Store's?


fat jez

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it does the same job as all the other docks, so yeah, I'm happy with it. The only problem is it doesn't fit an iPhone 4 that's packing the semi-mandatory bumper.


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Got one this afternoon from the Apple Store in Brent Cross and see that its in the new Apple minimal packaging.

I know its common to complain about the price of things, but £25 for something the size of a matchbox, and what is basically a plastic box with a rubber foot, a 30-pin passthrough and a 3.5mm audio line out, did seem a bit steep.

Oh well, at least it'll be looking at me when the alarm goes off in the morning:boring::boring::boring::eek:


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They had a load of them in the Apple store in Milton keynes today. would really like one just seems like a lot of money.
They also had a lot of black bumpers.

I just bought some i4 adaptors for my universal dock, they seem to work ok :)

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