AnyDVD HD 20% off


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Just as a heads up to you all AnyDVD HD is now 20% off and they can take Visa again.
Nice Xmas present for one's self :D


I was starting to think they weren't going to be able to resolve the Visa payment issue. Glad they have though as if not they may have folded and I've paid for lifetime updates.

The 20% discount is a fairly standard offer they have every year around this time - and they will probably stop the lifetime updates offer early in the new year again :rolleyes:


Mo Better Blues

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It works out at exactly £81.22p

Not exactly cheap but the best there is


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I have it with Lifetime updates. Had to buy a whole stack of Pay Point credits to be able to make the purchase. Most annoying. Have a darned balance remaining on the Pay Point vouchers and no idea what or where to use them. Grrrrrrr.

I read the forums on SlySofts website and everyone is complaining like crazy about payment methods being unavailable and SlySoft aren't saying anything except the odd cryptic comment about doing their best and asking people to read between the lines.

Honestly, isn't it patently obvious why they can't comment. This is software that busts the copy protection on discs and if they were total open they'd be self incriminating themselves against a doubtless US led campaign to take them down. Likewise, they're doubtless mindful of being subpoena'd for the their customer records so the Fed can go after all their customers. Taking Visa means they have a customer record that someone can demand in court. Depending on where they're based. They're just being careful. Frankly I think they're doing a storming job!

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